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Volato Inks Deal for 23 HondaJets

Volato Inks Deal for 23 HondaJets

Volato has become the world’s largest operator of HondaJets after expanding its fleet to 42 following the acquisition of 23 airplanes from the Honda Aircraft Company.

The new HondaJets, along with two more that were previously ordered, are expected to be delivered by the end of 2025.

Volato and Honda Aircraft Company have a strong relationship, which began when Volato took delivery of its first HondaJet in August 2021.

Prior to that, Jet It was the largest fleet operator of HondaJets, with a fleet of seven HondaJets, until it expanded its fleet with an order of 10 HondaJet Elites in 2020.

The deal comes as Volato faces strong demand for its fractional program and will increase the availability of HondaJets for private fliers.

Matt Liotta, CEO of Volato, said: “This new order will allow us to meet the growing demand for private air travel customers who are looking for the most efficient and most luxurious cabin in the very light jet class.”

In addition to the HondaJets, Volato plans to add four Gulfstream G280s to its fleet in 2024 to provide a range of flight options for its growing membership and customer base.

Volato maintains both ARGUS Platinum and IS-BAO Stage 2 safety certifications and boasts the largest cadre of HondaJet pilots in the world.

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