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Sino Jet Tops Fleet Size Rankings in Asia Pacific For The Fourth Year

Sino Jet Tops Fleet Size Rankings in Asia Pacific For The Fourth Year
Sino Jet

In the three years since COVID-19, the number of business jets in Greater China has seen an overall 15.1% decline due to the economic impact, with a total net decrease of 62 business aircraft operating in Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR and all major business jet operators experiencing fleet reductions. However, Sino Jet still ranked first in fleet size in Asia-Pacific for the fourth consecutive year. 

Breaking out of the dramatic market fluctuations is a critical issue for business jet operators. In this issue, Sino Jet talks to Asian Sky Group and shares the key to its success in staying at the forefront of the industry. 

About Sino Jet 

Sino Jet specializes in the management and operation of large business jets. Its business ranges from aircraft trading, aircraft maintenance, global charter services, ground handling, fixed-based operators (FBO), to luxurious travel services, and more. Sino Jet is the first business jet company in mainland China to obtain the highest level of safety recognition for international business jet operations (the IS-BAO Stage 3 Certification), the first business jet company in China to set up a branch outside of China and actually operate its business, and has been named “The World’s Leading Business Jet Company” at the World Travel Awards.  

The business jet market in Greater China has seen significant fluctuations in the last year, owing to the disposal of aircraft assets by business aircraft owners for various reasons, as well as the adjustment of aircraft operating locations by business aircraft owners due to changes in their own business development. Sino Jet is a business jet company with a global operational network, and its overall fleet remains relatively stable, with 40 business aircraft operating in the Asia-Pacific region. 

“Although the Greater China region has seen a decrease in the total number of business jets, the public’s demand for safety and convenience remains high. “The irreplaceability of efficient and flexible business jets makes business jets the first choice for entrepreneurs.” Sino Jet announced that while some business aircraft holding companies are disposing of assets, there are still a number of new business jet users entering the market, and it has introduced four business aircraft in 2022. In addition, Sino Jet further laid out its charter fleet, with its Hainan branch purchasing a jet for charter flights to bring the business jet travel experience to more business travel customers. 

“Practice the internal strength and expand the external extension. Sino Jet views high safety standards and excellent service quality as the foundation for development and always adheres to the “accompanying strategy.”

At the same time, Sino Jet’s fleet size brings incomparable advantages in market expansion. Sino Jet manages large business jets from Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier, BAE, Airbus, Boeing, and other aircraft manufacturers and has obtained high-level qualifications for inspection of many mainstream aircraft models. Its abundant professional aircraft-type talents and aviation material resources can fully guarantee safe operation and minimize the cost of use for business aircraft owners. 

“We set up branches wherever our customers are, adjust the aircraft operation bases flexibly, and obtain the operation and maintenance license of wherever our customers’ aircraft are registered accordingly to meet more customers’ needs.” At present, Sino Jet has 20 operating bases around the world and holds operation management and maintenance engineer licenses in China, the United States, Europe, Cayman, Bermuda, Aruba, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, San Marino, etc., providing strong conditions for global development.”

As an important part of the business aircraft market in the Asia-Pacific region, Sino Jet has taken the lead in building a digital business aviation operation mode and made breakthroughs in safe and efficient operation. It has established an information technology development company, creating an integrated FOS operation platform that includes an aircraft operation system, a maintenance engineering management system, a safety management system, a flight quality monitoring system, a financial system, and other systems involved in all aspects of aircraft operation. The systems are highly interconnected to ensure traceability of the safety operation quality and management process, allowing aircraft assets to be preserved to the greatest extent possible and gaining the trust of business aircraft users.  

Sino Jet believes that the demand for business jet travel remains strong and that more business jets will return when the economy tends to grow. “As a business jet operator based in the Greater China region and facing global development, we will continue to stimulate the business jet market in the region with quality services and will continue to increase investment in the international market, so that we can provide better services to our existing business jet customers worldwide and look forward to building a leading Chinese business aircraft operator brand in the world market.” 

Sino Jet