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Asia Pacific Business Jet Charter – Charter Report 2018

Asia Pacific Business Jet Charter – Charter Report 2018

The Asia-Pacific business jet charter market has witnessed a rise of around 5% — from a total of 296 jets dedicated for charter in 2016 to 311 in 2018. The two-year term saw an increase of 84, which was offset by a decrease of 69; a final net increase of 15 jets to the charter fleet. Of the additions, two were brand new additions and were delivered into service in either 2017 or 2018, 25 aircraft were pre-owned additions delivered into the regional market and 57 aircraft were previously based in the region but saw a change in mission to charter. Of the deductions, 37 were due to a change in mission from charter, 19 aircraft were pre-owned deductions and were removed from the region and 13 retired.

A further breakdown by size category presents a better picture of the individual popularity of the charter fleet by size category. Of the 27 new deliveries and pre-owned additions, 12 were large-size, followed by long-range and mid-size with six and four, respectively. 13 mid-size aircraft, out of a total of 32, were sold or retired from the Asia-Pacific market between 2016 and 2018.

Considering the change of mission, long-range and large-size aircraft experienced an increased popularity within the two-year term and saw a net change in aircraft dedicated for charter mission by 6 and 9, respectively.

Overall, the large-size category saw the greatest increase in fleet – by 16 aircraft, whereas the mid-size category saw a net decrease in charter fleet by four.

Considering the total fleet in the region, the most popular charter size is the large-size aircraft, with 94, closely followed by light and long-range aircraft, with 70 and 58, respectively. With 80 charter jets in operation throughout the region, Bombardier takes the crown for the most popular OEM.