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Empowering Sustainable Travel with IntelDigital Intelligence Technology

Empowering Sustainable Travel with IntelDigital Intelligence Technology
Sino Jet

To actively address climate change and advocate green and sustainable development, Sino Jet, the largest business jet company in the Asia-Pacific region, has announced its goal of achieving carbon neutrality in its ground handling services and office operations by 2025 and in its overall business by 2035.

As a leading business aircraft operator, Sino Jet provides comprehensive travel solutions with operation and maintenance licenses in China, the United States, Europe, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Aruba, San Marino and other major business aircraft registries. Sino Jet is also the first business jet company in mainland China to obtain IS-BAO Stage III certification for safe international operation.

Sino Jet promotes sustainable business aviation through carbon emission management

Building digital aviation to support sustainable development

Sino Jet has always taken the lead in developing an information management system that covers the entire life cycle of a business aircraft. The system is able to provide aircraft owners with details about their aircraft, arrange flight operations and manage aircraft assets using technology. This further improves the safety and operational standards of aircraft and maximizes the value of aircraft assets.

Sino Jet is currently developing a “carbon management” system for business aviation companies. Through the data collected from aircraft operations, maintenance, safety management, flight records and financial details, the greenhouse gas emissions of each flight can be calculated. The management system will also suggest emission reduction plans that are based on science and therefore standardized, quantifiable and traceable, leading to increased energy conservation and reduced emissions. This level of innovation strives to inspire business aircraft users to do their part in achieving carbon neutrality through green and sustainable business aviation.

New-energy intelligent vehicles for seamless green travel

Sino Jet has been saving energy and reducing emissions from both the sky and on the ground through partnerships in the industry. It has teamed up with HiPhi, a Shanghai-based electric automobile manufacturer under Human Horizons, to combine green and low-carbon travel with luxury. HiPhi X will become its vehicle for daily operations, with shuttle services provided by Fast East Aviation Service Company and Nanchang FBO.

Sino Jet joins hands with HiPhi

The HiPhi X, a super SUV, combines the world’s leading hardware and software technologies in creating a new category of vehicles with innovative design concepts for every scenario. Compared with fuel vehicles of the same class, the HiPhi X significantly reduces carbon emissions per mileage.

According to Sino Jet,

The significance of achieving carbon neutrality lies not only in saving energy and reducing emissions, but also in ensuring that key stakeholders work together in research and innovation in the world of business aircraft.

Sino Jet has been actively leading the industry to explore and study carbon neutrality. In this year’s CFS Financial Summit, the International Green Zero Carbon Festival and the International Quality Festival, Sino Jet has won awards including “2022 Model Enterprise for Sustainable Development”, “2022 Digital Transformation Driving Force Award”, “2022 Model Enterprise for Carbon Neutralization” and “Green Quality Model Award”.

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