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Honda Delivers HondaJet to Chinese Client

Honda Delivers HondaJet to Chinese Client

Honda Aircraft delivered a HondaJet to a Chinese client on August 11, 2022.

The aircraft will be jointly managed by Nanshan Jet and Honsan General Aviation when it arrives in China in the middle of August.

Honsan General Aviation is the exclusive distributor of HondaJets in China, and will be responsible for ongoing support of the aircraft.

The HondaJet was first exhibited in China in April 2017 during the Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition.

The HondaJet Elite S is the latest upgraded model that was launched in May 2021, that bumps up the maximum range by 120nm thanks to an increase in the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight.

In February of this year, Honda Aircraft Company said it would deliver a total of 37 HondaJet business jets in 2022 to global customers.