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Joby eVTOL has Flown an Entire Loop of Earth

Joby eVTOL has Flown an Entire Loop of Earth

Joby Aviation achieved a major milestone as its eVTOL has successfully flown 27,000 miles, representing a greater distance than an entire loop around the Earth. 

The road to reaching this significant landmark started with the “Generation 1” prototype of its eVTOL. In May 2020, Joby revealed it had completed over 200 test flights on the back of more than 700 successful flights with a subscale model.

The company followed that up with a major accomplishment in 2021 as its pre-production prototype flew more than 5,300 miles, including one flight that covered 154.6 miles on a single charge. Joby was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange and built its second pre-production prototype. 

Fast forward to March 2022, by which time Joby had successfully completed 38 test flights with its second pre-production prototype and flown at more than 90 mph. 

By October 2022, the Santa Cruz-based company was actively engaged in flight testing. In total, Joby had already conducted over 1,000 test flights. 

Entering 2023, the eVTOL manufacturer revealed its electric aircraft had flown over 10,800 miles the previous year. 

“We fly our pre-production prototype aircraft regularly, multiple times a day, many days a week, at our flight test and manufacturing facilities in Marina, California, when the weather allows,” a Joby spokesperson told Asian Sky Group.

Earlier in May, Joby received USD$180 million in funding from British investment management firm Baillie Gifford. The procurement of funds came when the company unveiled it had a net loss of USD$113 million in the first quarter of 2023.

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