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Chinese Company Showcases UFO-shaped eVTOL

Chinese Company Showcases UFO-shaped eVTOL

China’s Shenzhen iUFO Technology has unveiled a UFO-shaped eVTOL to transport passengers from both land and water.

A demonstration of the uniquely shaped electric aircraft was held at the Shenzhen Nanshan Low-altitude Economy Investment Promotion and Industry Development Forum in China on June 3. 

The eVTOL, which can take off and land on water, was built after more than three years of research and development and features a six-hole duct and 12-blade electric motor. The aircraft has a redundancy design in its electric propulsion and flight control system. 

Upon being released commercially, the eVTOL will primarily be utilized for sightseeing, tourism, and advertising purposes. The electric aircraft has obtained a global invention patent, and can be driven automatically or manually for 15 minutes at speeds of 50 kph.

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