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Boeing Assumes Full Control of Wisk

Boeing Assumes Full Control of Wisk

Wisk Aero, the autonomous eVTOL manufacturer, has become a fully owned subsidiary of Boeing, the company’s CEO Brian Yutko said. 

Previously, Wisk had two stakeholders – Boeing and Kitty Hawk – with the latter closing its doors in September 2022. Making the announcement at a Boeing media event in South Carolina on May 31, Yutko confirmed that Boeing has assumed full control of Wisk, but didn’t divulge any financial terms. 

Wisk’s website was quickly updated to specify the shift in ownership.

“In 2023, Wisk became a fully-owned subsidiary of Boeing. While we operate separately, this relationship allows us to tap into Boeing’s development, testing, and certification expertise, and more,” the company said on its about us page. 

Boeing, which invested close to USD$500 million in Wisk in 2022, will support the eVTOL producer through the provision of talent and industry expertise. 

In May 2023, Wisk partnered with Japan Airlines to launch an autonomous air taxi service in Japan, utilizing its four-seater Generation 6 eVTOL. In addition, Wisk also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with JAL Engineering (JALEC) to explore various areas, including type certification, with the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) and other government agencies.

Wisk’s autonomous electric aircraft will be able to travel a total distance of 144 km at a cruising speed of 203 to 222 kph.

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