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Sikorsky Delivers Third S-92 Helicopter to Korea Coast Guard

Sikorsky Delivers Third S-92 Helicopter to Korea Coast Guard

The Korea Coast Guard, a South Korean law enforcement sub-agency responsible for maritime safety and control off the coast, has welcomed its third S-92 search and rescue helicopter from Sikorsky to enhance maritime security capability.

The aircraft manufacturer is expected to deliver its fourth S-92 helicopter to South Korea next year.

“Our valued partnership with Sikorsky spans for nearly a decade,” said Han Sangchul, Senior Superintendent and Final Acceptance Test Inspection Team Lead of the Korea Coast Guard. “We look forward to continued success as we grow our fleet of highly-capable search and rescue S-92 aircraft.”

The Korea Coast Guard has completed 195 rescues and has accrued more than 2,700 flight hours since 2014.

“The S-92 gives the Korean Coast Guard a strategic advantage when it comes to saving lives,” said Leon Silva, Vice President, Sikorsky. “Every second counts, which is why the agile, all-weather S-92 is mission ready, all the time.”

The global S-92 helicopter fleet recently achieved 2 million flight hours in various missions including search, rescue, and oil and gas transportation in 28 countries.