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Sikorsky to Enter AAM Race with New VTOL

Sikorsky to Enter AAM Race with New VTOL

Connecticut-based Helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky has indicated that it plans to enter the advanced air mobility (AAM) sector with the introduction of a hybrid VTOL.

Its planned hybrid eVTOL will likely use the company’s Matrix autonomous technology, which is a general-purpose autonomous flight control system that enables rotary and fixed-wing aircraft to be flown with or without humans on board, depending on the mission.

The hybrid eVTOL will use a turbine to generate electricity, according to Igor Cherepinsky, Director of Sikorsky Innovations. The company hopes to start building a demonstrator aircraft sometime in 2023.

“The crux is that the workload is much lower and the machine understands a lot of the basic flying and basic mission parameters,” Cherepinsky said. “The aircraft can avoid obstacles, and it can pick landing zones. If you think about the commercial space, AAM is also in our sights.”