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Archer to Showcase eVTOL Aircraft at Open House Event

Archer to Showcase eVTOL Aircraft at Open House Event

Archer Aviation said it will showcase the company’s first production eVTOL aircraft at an Open House event in November 2022, where attendees will have the opportunity to view a test flight of the eVTOL developer’s full-scale technology demonstrator at Archer’s flight test facility.

Further details of the aircraft’s specifications and capabilities, its proprietary electric powertrain system, and FAA certification progress are also expected to be unveiled at the event.

Archer’s five-seater eVTOL, dubbed Midnight, has a charging turnaround time of about 10 minutes and a payload of over 450kg, which can carry four passengers and a pilot for up to 60 miles.

Archer first announced the aircraft in August 2022 after completing its Preliminary Design Review, which evaluates manufacturing requirements and necessary prerequisites before entering the market. In the same month, United Airlines made a US$10 million pre-delivery payment for 100 Midnight aircraft in a watershed moment for the AAM industry.

“From day one, Archer’s goal has been to build a commercially viable business that will revolutionize intra-city travel. We’ve made phenomenal progress in the development of our eVTOL aircraft technology and I am excited to share the aircraft that will deliver on that vision as part of our Open House event,” said Adam Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer, Archer Aviation.

The company’s key partners including United Airlines and global automotive manufacturer Stellantis will participate in the event and view a test flight of Archer’s full-scale technology. Stellantis has been working with Archer since the early stage of eVTOL aircraft manufacturing.

“Collaboration has always been a cornerstone of our mission,” said Tom Muniz, Archer’s Chief Operating Officer. “I can’t wait to stand alongside the Archer team next month to share how together we are bringing our long-term plans to life.”