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Archer to “Explore Additional Routes” Across U.S.

Archer to “Explore Additional Routes” Across U.S.

Archer Aviation, the creators of the Midnight eVTOL, announced plans to establish more routes throughout the U.S. its electric aircraft will service.

Working in collaboration with United Airlines, Archer already unveiled flight routes in New York and Chicago, becoming the first in the industry to reveal “point-to-point eVTOL routes.”

Eager to provide services in more U.S. cities, the San Jose-based firm acknowledged the need to kickstart discussions with local and state authorities. It will also ensure that the necessary advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure can be built in time for the scheduled launch of the company’s commercial operations in 2025. 

“As the first build of our Midnight aircraft rapidly advances towards flight test, we’re working in parallel with United Airlines to mature our plans around commercial operations,” Archer said in a post on Twitter. “Over the last year, we collaborated closely together with state and local stakeholders in both New York and Chicago to announce the first point-to-point eVTOL routes, and we are working in earnest to explore additional routes in other cities across the U.S.”

“We’re starting these collaborations with state and local stakeholders now, well in advance of our planned entry into service in 2025, to give us ample time to ensure the existing heliport and general aviation infrastructure can support our planned service in 2025 and beyond.”

The decision to launch new routes in the U.S. comes after Archer announced last week that its 350,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia will be completed in the first half of 2024

The company’s four-seater Midnight eVTOL, which can fly 100 miles at speeds of 150 mph, completed wind tunnel testing in March. 

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