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Meridian Hayward Joins Avfuel’s FBO Network

Meridian Hayward Joins Avfuel’s FBO Network

Avfuel has become Meridian’s official fuel supplier at California’s Hayward Executive Airport (KHWD).

By joining Avfuel’s FBO network, Meridian hopes to raise brand visibility and grow its fuel sales volume. The company is also looking to integrate sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into its operation.

“The addition of Meridian Hayward to the Avfuel Network provides another premier flying and fueling location in the heart of California, with access to top-tier FBO amenities and Avfuel’s dependable programs,” said Joel Hirst, Senior Vice President of Sales, Avfuel.

Founded in 1973, Avfuel has been preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, with major events planned to mark the progress.