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Global Aviation Association Issues SAF Booking Guidebook

Global Aviation Association Issues SAF Booking Guidebook

The Council on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (CoSAFA), a global aviation association, has introduced Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) book and claim guidelines.

By detailing the information and procedures necessary for individual book and claim systems, the Methodology for SAF Environmental Attribute Transactions is the first step in establishing universally recognized procedures for SAF accounting and auditing.

Aviation has long been regarded as one of the most difficult-to-decarbonize sectors. Although there is a growing awareness of reducing carbon emissions using SAF, the production and supply of the environmentally friendly fuel are still limited.

To tackle the imbalance, book and claim systems allow carriers to buy SAF certificates and offer them to their passengers, making SAF more accessible for all. It also provides a solution to the shortage of SAF in certain areas and the logistical challenge of bringing SAF to market.

Capt. Claude Hurley, Director, Environment and Flight Operations at the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), welcomed the initiative.

“The transition to Sustainable Aviation Fuels will be the greatest contributor to business aviation achieving NetZero carbon emissions by 2050. Book and claim systems are required for wider SAF uptake, especially in areas where it’s not yet readily available. We applaud CoSAFA’s efforts to develop this transparent, credible B&C accounting and auditing methodology,” Hurley said.

Curt Castagna, President and CEO, National Air Transportation Association, added: “CoSAFA has engaged a broad range of stakeholders in the development of this methodology, which provides the critical transparency needed in the development of fair rules for book and claim.”

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