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World Fuel Services Deploys Electric Refuellers in France

World Fuel Services Deploys Electric Refuellers in France

U.S. energy company World Fuel Services has deployed all-electric refueling trucks at Toulon Hyères Airport in France to deliver sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The company developed the decarbonization plan to lower the carbon intensity of the airport’s fueling operations.

Instead of purchasing brand new electric vehicles at the site, the company reused the diesel-powered refueling trucks and converted them into an electric version. The converted vehicles will distribute SAF produced by Neste for business and commercial aviation use.

To reduce downtime and make maintenance easier, the airport also will also have an all-electric drive train running during aircraft refueling.

“World Fuel’s mission is to enable customers and partners in the aviation sector to adopt sustainable practices and decarbonize their operations. We commend Toulon Hyères airport for their leadership by setting a great example for others to follow,” said Duncan Storey, Vice President, supply aviation Europe, World Fuel Services.

The move is only part of the company’s green practice as its sustainability division, World Kinect Energy Services, also installed solar panels on top of Toulon Hyères’ fueling office. These initiatives align with the aviation sector’s transition to greener incentives.

The Florida-based company has delivered more than 39 million gallons of SAF to business and commercial aviation customers since 2015.

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