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PLANA Eyes CP-01 Prototype by 2025, Commercialization in 2028

PLANA Eyes CP-01 Prototype by 2025, Commercialization in 2028

PLANA, the South Korean manufacturer, informed Asian Sky Group that it plans to unveil a full-scale prototype of its CP-01 hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (HeVTOL) aircraft in 2025 and kickstart commercial operations three years later. 

The company unveiled the CP-01 last month, saying it will provide a “fast, efficient, and eco-friendly” mode of transport. The six-seater aircraft also won an award for its design

Acknowledging it will take time to build the prototype, PLANA is intent on getting it done within the next two years. It will also work on getting the aircraft certificated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. 

“We understand that aircraft authority takes a long time, and we plan to have a prototype of our full-size aircraft developed and ready for authority by 2025,” a company spokesperson said. 

“Currently, we are aiming for the FAA authority, and we opened an office in the US last month to work closely with them.”

Once the certification process concludes, PLANA will put the gears in motion for the delivery of its aircraft, which it aims to achieve by 2028. 

Upon being introduced to the market, the CP-01 will be used for multiple purposes, including long-range air taxis and air ambulances. The aircraft will utilize Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) rather than the batteries used by eVTOLs. 

“The CP-01, which is being developed by PLANA, is a hybrid eVTOL aircraft fueled by SAF and has a long range compared to the current eVTOL (UAM) that operates on pure batteries,” the spokesperson explained to Asian Sky Group. 

“It can be used as a long-range air taxi, and we are looking forward to using it as a private jet, government transportation, and air ambulance.”

Touching on the routes it will operate, PLANA does not have a firm roadmap at the moment, but indicated its hybrid electric aircraft will be able to “fly anywhere between 600 kilograms of payload and 500 kilometers of range”.

PLANA, however, does have plans to explore cross-border travel, which was unveiled as part of a letter of intent signed with SkyTaxi. Under the agreement, PLANA will send the Japanese air taxi firm 50 CP-01 eVTOLs. 

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