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Jetcraft Meets Carbon Neutrality Goal

Jetcraft Meets Carbon Neutrality Goal

Business aircraft sales and acquisitions company Jetcraft said it has achieved carbon neutrality through a partnership with carbon offsetting firm Azzera.

The London-based company reached its goal by removing 3,596 verified tons of carbon emissions and taking part in various green initiatives. In 2022, Jetcraft supported power suppliers in South Africa, as well as forest conservation projects in North Carolina and Papua New Guinea.

“With Azzera, we’ve gone beyond words and delivered a scheme that achieves total verified carbon neutrality across everything we do,” said Peter Antonenko, President, Jetcraft, in the hope of delivering a global impact in reducing carbon emissions.

Both Jetcraft and Azzera have placed much importance on tackling climate change and achieving sustainability in business aviation, said Puja Mahajan, CEO and Co-Founder, Azzera, adding that “individual achievements like Jetcraft’s are vital” when there is much more to do in this sector.

Jetcraft’s measures to offset carbon emissions have been certified and verified by a third-party audit and include International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).