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Signature Aviation Achieves Carbon Neutrality

Signature Aviation Achieves Carbon Neutrality

Signature Aviation achieved carbon neutrality across its global network of over 200 FBOs in 2022.

The FBO operator said it had achieved carbon neutrality across all greenhouse gas emissions from its ground equipment, vehicles, facilities, electrical and natural gas heating and buildings. Initiatives to reach carbon neutrality included the electrification of its vehicles, on-site solar power across its facilities, the use of grid-based renewable energy and carbon offsets for the remaining emissions. Signature Aviation anticipates that offsets will contribute a smaller amount of its carbon neutrality efforts as it continues to invest in reducing its own emissions.

“It was important for us to take our entire network to carbon neutrality instead of ceremonially doing so at a few regional locations,” said Tony Lefebvre, CEO, Signature Aviation. “Climate change is a global challenge and the commitment to carbon neutral operations going forward ensures we are reaching every community that Signature serves today and will in the future.”

Signature is using its FBO at Eagle County Airport, Colorado, as a test bed for sustainable innovation. The location was the first to achieve carbon neutrality in 2022 through the establishment of a SAF supply chain, on-site solar generation, and a range of facility and fleet updates that resulted in a 15% reduction in fossil-fuel emissions.

Signature Aviation has committed to maintaining its carbon-neutral operations every year going forward.

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