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ASKA Reveals eVTOL That Can Drive And Fly

ASKA Reveals eVTOL That Can Drive And Fly

US air mobility company ASKA released its A5 drive-and-fly electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) at CES 2023, held January 5-8 in Las Vegas in a move to define future transportation.

The Silicon Valley-based company said the vehicle is the “world’s first” four-seater electric vehicle that can travel by road, and up to 250 miles by air on a single charge. An on-demand ride-sharing service was also introduced and is expected to be launched in 2026 in big cities.

With four wheels where six motors are placed, ASKA A5 can take off vertically with only a small space needed and can also do a conventional takeoff to improve energy consumption efficiency. This in-wheel motor technology changes the driving experience and gives more freedom to the driver or pilot.

“Our innovative engineering enables ASKA to take off from a runway super fast using our unique in-wheel motor technology. This is a revolution in aviation, enabling ASKA to take off in less than 5 sec with a runway of 250 ft which brings the closest experience to a F-18 Super Hornet fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier for our customers,” said Maki Kaplinsky, CoFounder, Chairman and COO, ASKA.

“Our unveil at CES represents something that has never been accomplished in the world, but which humans have dreamed of for decades: a fully functional, full-scale prototype of a Drive & Fly electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing, a real flying car,” said Guy Kaplinsky, CoFounder and CEO, ASKA.

Kaplinsky said the vehicle will also have the potential of providing emergency response, military and on-demand ride sharing.

The idea of drive-and-fly vehicle is not new. Chinese electric vehicle maker XPENG last year also unveiled its eVTOL flying car which can fly and be driven around like a regular car.