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Jetcraft to Streamline Aircraft Transactions with Bluetail

Jetcraft to Streamline Aircraft Transactions with Bluetail

Jetcraft has partnered with Bluetail to protect customers’ aircraft value through Bluetail’s cloud-based aircraft platform.

The aircraft records of Bluetail with machine-learning capabilities will make it easier for potential purchasers to review aircraft records and owners to maintain their digital records. The platform will also ensure Jetcraft maintains accurate and comprehensive logbooks and records.

Stuart Illian, COO of Bluetail, said the past 18 months have seen unprecedented activity in the business jet market. “That demand and the narrowing availability of quality pre-owned aircraft has pushed selling prices to their highest levels. By offering Bluetail, Jetcraft is taking a proactive step in helping its customers protect the value of their aircraft,” Illian added.

“In today’s highly active and complex business jet market, the accuracy and completeness of logbooks and records have become more important than ever,” explained Jetcraft’s Director of Maintenance, Joe Fesi.

Bluetail has received recognition from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its back-to-birth secure aircraft records and logbook software for business and general aviation.

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