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Honeywell Releases eVTOL Certification Guide

Honeywell Releases eVTOL Certification Guide

Honeywell, the American aerospace corporation, has released a certification guide that covers the key criteria eVTOL companies need to meet to be certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). 

The reference guide, the first of its kind available in the industry, provides valuable insights while navigating the complexities of securing vehicle certification and operational approval. 

Jia Xu, chief technology officer, UAM and UAS, Honeywell Aerospace, acknowledged the need for the blueprint as the regulations are constantly shifting and evolving, which can make it difficult to keep up to date with all the latest developments. 

“We understand the challenges that professionals working in the Advanced Air Mobility industry face as they look to navigate, track and ultimately comply with myriad developing regulations,” Jia said. “Because Honeywell provides certifiable, mission-critical systems that make AAM vehicles fly, it’s essential that we understand the certification landscape across all AAM segments. 

“We initially developed this certification summary table as a quick reference for our own team; however, we quickly realized that the information here can benefit the wider industry. We intend to update this document regularly to help AAM companies keep pace with regulatory development.”

Emily Kimball, deputy director, Commercial Drone Alliance, welcomed the release of Honeywell’s guide, saying it offers a quick and effective way for companies involved in the advanced air mobility (AAM) space to keep abreast of all the changes happening in the sector. 

“The Honeywell certification reference guide can help UAS and AAM manufacturers, operators – or really anyone with an interest in the industry – to quickly get up to speed on the current certification landscape across key advanced aviation segments,” she said. 

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