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Business Aviation Service Provider Signs Statement to Fly Greener

Business Aviation Service Provider Signs Statement to Fly Greener

The World Economic Forum recently published a 2030 Ambition Statement for aviation companies to lower carbon emissions.

Jet Aviation signed the “Clean Skies For Tomorrow” 2030 Ambition Statement, along with a community of 100 stakeholders across the aviation industry. The operators have committed to transition to zero-emission travelling by using 10% SAF by 2030.

“Jet Aviation believes collaboration is one of the best ways to bring innovative solutions to life and we are delighted to partner with WEF and other industry stakeholders to help increase the global supply of sustainable aviation fuel,” said David Paddock, President of Jet Aviation. He added, “SAF has strong potential to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and increasing its availability helps bring us one step closer to making it the standard fuel for Business Aviation.”

The Ambition Statement can be seen as a milestone in the industry’s promise of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

According to Asian Sky Media’s Infrastructure Report 2020, Jet Aviation is the largest FBO by the number of facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.