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Volant Hires Certification Veteran to Advance eVTOL Production

Volant Hires Certification Veteran to Advance eVTOL Production

China’s eVTOL developer Volant Aerotech has appointed certification veteran Zhang Baozhu as the Senior Vice President to advance the development of its VE25 eVTOL.

Zhang, who will also serve as the Chief Technology Officer of Research and Development and partner, will also be responsible for certification and production manufacturing. 

With over 26 years of experience in the research and development of civil aircraft, Zhang has been involved in the development and certification of 25 renowned aircraft, including the Airbus A220. 

“The development and research of new technologies and products has always been my mission,” he said. “I decided to join Volant because I have high expectations for the eVTOL sector, a high technology-intensive industry, and my recognition of Volant’s management and technical team.” 

Zhang highlighted the role of eVTOLs in becoming “the leaders” in future technology and the aviation market as there is a high demand for safe, green, and intelligent technologies.

Dong Ming, the Founder and CEO of Volant, said Zhang’s extensive experience in the industry can help enhance the VE25 eVTOL and the company’s overall operations. 

“Zhang Baozhu is one of the very few chief engineers in the world with deep experience in the development of 25 large aircraft and 23 general-purpose aircraft,” he said. “He is also a passionate and insightful entrepreneur.

“His accumulated experience and resources are highly compatible with Volant’s mission, which will help Volant further improve its technical and management capabilities, ensure faster and better development of the company, and make greater contributions to the development of the Chinese eVTOL industry.”

Volant has been making significant strides in the Chinese eVTOL market, with its zero-emission VE25 electric aircraft capable of carrying five passengers and flying distances of 200 km at a maximum cruise speed of 235 kph. 

The Shanghai-based firm has signed strategic cooperation and intention orders for more than 400 aircraft with seven enterprises, including China Southern Airlines General Aviation, a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines, and Ruoer General Aviation.

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