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U.S. Home to Most Private Jets Globally

U.S. Home to Most Private Jets Globally

Almost 60 percent of all heavy private jets globally belong to U.S owners, according to new data from Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ). This means that of the 9,223 heavy, long-range jets in the world, 5,482 are registered in the U.S.

Heavy, long-range jets, which make up 37.5 percent of the U.S. fleet, are defined by ACJ as aircraft that seat 12-14 passengers and have a flight time of 10-12 hours.

The state of California leads with 724 jets, whilst Florida and Texas follow with 617 and 560 aircraft, respectively. There are 303 jets in New York and 258 in New Jersey.

Business jets in the U.S. also make up the majority of all jets globally, with 62.5 percent or 14,632 aircraft found in the U.S.

The large number of business jets in the U.S. is attributed to the growing number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the country and a stronger reliance on the use of business aviation from large companies, Sean McGeough, Vice President of ACJ North America, told Corporate Jet Investor.

Increased demand for in-person meetings and enhanced hygiene standards, McGeough added, has also led to a rise in private jet ownership. “Customers re-evaluated values brought by business aviation, such as privacy, sanitary benefits to avoid crowded airports [and] freedom of schedule,” he said.