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SkyScape Signs MOU to Build Vertiports in Japan

SkyScape Signs MOU to Build Vertiports in Japan

SkyScape, a Japanese vertiport development startup company, has signed an MoU with Bayards and SafeHub Systems to develop first-generation vertiports in Japan.

The partnership will see SkyScape leveraging Bayards’ expertise in structural design and engineering, as well as SafeHub’s experience in building vertiport check-in terminals.

Asa Quesenberry, Founder and President at SkyScape said it’s time to put the industry in motion and deliver tangible results. He’s confident that the three companies are capable of making this happen.

“The eVTOL market must evolve from selling CGI concepts to delivering tangible solutions. Only organizations with a proven track record in engineering and construction can accomplish this. This MoU brings together three companies that can deliver on the promises that have been made,” said James Earl, Business Unit manager, Bayards Vertiports.

Vertiports are future air transport terminals for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. SkyScape aims to create vertiports made up of modular “blocks,” which can be put together in various ways based on the scenarios, making it possible to create unique vertiports layouts and designs. It can offer services such as drone logistics, eVTOL operations, drone first response, and medical deliveries.

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