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PLANA to Deliver 50 eVTOLs to SkyTaxi

PLANA to Deliver 50 eVTOLs to SkyTaxi

PLANA, the South Korean electric aircraft developer, has signed a Letter of Intent to send 50 CP-01 hybrid eVTOLs to Japanese air taxi company SkyTaxi. 

Since the CP-01 is currently being developed, PLANA will deliver the first 10 aircraft in 2030 and the remaining 40 by 2040.

The two parties also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) centered around the development and operation of electric aircraft, interior design concepts, market analysis, and flight demonstrations. There are also plans to introduce a cross-border flight route that the CP-01 will service. 

Braden J. Kim, the CEO of PLANA, sees huge potential in the Japanese market and said the cross-border operation would be the first of its kind in the world. 

“With the signing of this letter of intent and business cooperation, we have opened up a huge potential market in Japan, and for the first time in the world, we are looking at cross-border travel,” he said. 

Takuto Hojo, the CEO of SkyTaxi, said the partnership with PLANA will further strengthen Asia’s position in the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry. 

“This collaborative project between PLANA and SkyTaxi will have a huge impact on the global AAM industry by players from Asia,” Hojo said. “We are committed to developing the best business with PLANA so that we can be a model case for one of Asia’s leading AAM industries.”

SkyTaxi is a subsidiary of Daiho Taxi Group, which has operated taxi companies in Osaka for nearly 100 years. The company is currently training pilots and plans to operate flight routes to better connect key Osaka areas, including Umeda and Namba.

The electric aircraft purchased from PLANA will also be utilized for airport transport and sightseeing purposes. All the routes planned by SkyTaxi are scheduled to be fully operational ahead of the 2025 Osaka Expo. 

PLANA unveiled its CP-01 hybrid electric eVTOL last month. The six-seater aircraft is capable of flying 500 km and reaching a cruise speed of 300 kph.

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