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Skyports CEO: Use Vertiports as “Active Testbeds”

Skyports CEO: Use Vertiports as “Active Testbeds”

Duncan Walker, the CEO of advanced air mobility (AAM) company Skyports Infrastructure, said there is a need to utilize vertiports as “active testbeds” to ascertain the upsides and potential downsides of electric aircraft. 

Walker insisted that the London-based firm is fully committed to creating the required infrastructure needed for a thriving eVTOL ecosystem. The company started building the world’s first vertiport in Singapore in 2019 and is working on two more in California and Paris. 

He stressed the need for more to be built to understand what outstanding issues must be addressed before electric aircraft start operating commercially, which could be within the next two years. 

“We firmly believe building vertiports is the way to go. We built the world’s first vertiport in Singapore in 2019, the second in California last year and the third in Paris last year too,” he said at Revolution.Aero in Dublin, Ireland. 

“These are all active testbeds. You don’t learn anything unless you’ve built vertiports and tested them.”

Vertiports, as areas designed specifically for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft to take off and land, play a crucial role in the success of launching the AAM industry. The AAM industry requires a new ecosystem to be built up, and vertiports are a fundamental service provider for the sector.

Walker’s advocacy for additional vertiports comes less than a month after Skyports collaborated with British architectural firm Foster + Partner to prepare a provisional concept design for a vertiport terminal next to Dubai International Airport. 

In November 2022, Groupe ADP and Skyports unveiled Europe’s first fully integrated vertiport terminal for future air taxis in Paris to enable the integration, testing, and development of the AAM industry.

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