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Lilium Sees Increased Opportunities in Middle East Following Saudia Sale

Lilium Sees Increased Opportunities in Middle East Following Saudia Sale

German aerospace company Lilium says they view vast opportunities within the Middle East such as in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman for its eVTOL, following the sale of 100 Lilium jets to Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) in October. 

The company hopes to capitalize on the need to minimize traffic and reduce carbon emissions within megacities, according to a news article by the United Arab Emirates-based newspaper The National, which interviewed Sebastien Borel, Senior Vice President of Commercial at Lilium. 

“ We are talking to many players in the region. Whether or not it lands, it depends on them and us from a production perspective committing to the Middle East,” Borel said. “Europe, the US and Middle East will be our strongest regions, so we will have to balance the offering in each of these regions in a timely manner for [production] slots.”

Saudia will potentially be the first airline in the Middle East and North Africa to introduce eVTOLs to its network, and plans to use the aircraft for point-to-point connections as well as feeder connections to its hubs for business-class passengers, according to Lilium.

There is a high level of potential within nations such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman for eVTOLs as the premium fares will be affordable for the higher middle class, Borel added.