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Lilium Jet Undergoes Wind Tunnel Testing

Lilium Jet Undergoes Wind Tunnel Testing

Germany-based eVTOL developer Lilium said its electric jet is undergoing wind tunnel testing at the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) facility in Marknesse, Netherlands. 

The tests at the largest wind tunnel site in Europe are being conducted with a 1 to 2.5 scale (40% size) Lilium Jet model that features fully functioning engines and flap actuators. The company previously held wind tunnel tests in 2021 and 2022. 

Lilium said the aim of the tests will be to accumulate “a comprehensive aerodynamic dataset to validate its flight physics and performance predictions. The dataset will cover the complete aircraft flight envelope from hover to cruise.”

The scale model of the Lilium Jet was designed by TGR-E, a manufacturing solutions provider, and IBK-Innovation, which specializes in aerospace design. Utilizing this scale model will give Lilium a clear indication of how a full-scale version of its electric aircraft will perform. 

Alastair McIntosh, Lilium’s Chief Technology Officer, said the wind tunnel testing process marks a significant milestone in the company’s bid to build a type-conforming aircraft. 

“This is an important step in our aircraft program and it is very exciting to see this large-scale Lilium Jet model with working engines and wing flaps,” he said. “We’ve been enormously impressed by the cooperation with DNW so far and the support provided by TGR-E and IBK. 

“We look forward to generating vast amounts of aerodynamics data on the aircraft and building further confidence in our design tools as we prepare for the start of final assembly later this year.”

The wind tunnel testing announcement comes just days after Lilium announced plans for a capital raise of USD$250 million. The Weßling-based firm has already procured USD$100 million in funding from Tencent Holdings affiliate Aceville.

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