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Dassault Falcon Business Jets Mark 60th Anniversary

Dassault Falcon Business Jets Mark 60th Anniversary

Sixty years ago, Dassault Aviation’s first business jet, the Mystère 20, completed its first flight. With more deliveries and model types introduced over the decades, Dassault Aviation is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Falcon business jets since the inaugural flight on May 4, 1963.

Mystère 20, which was soon rebranded the Falcon 20, was initially designed for Europe-wide liaison flights, involving a 1,000 to 1,500 km range, and was later stretched to extend the aircraft’s range to over 2,000 km to enter the American market.

For an aircraft to fly well, it must be beautiful.

— Marcel Dassault, French engineer and industrialist.

Since then, Dassault has introduced 27 models with more than 2,700 aircraft delivered. Although the Falcon 2000 has been the company’s bestselling model among them, the Falcon 20 still wowed some of the top aviation leaders back at the time.

“The formula has not changed,” said Dassault Aviation’s Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “Every Dassault aircraft must have superb handling, beautiful lines, and rugged construction. And, of course, it has to provide state-of-the-art comfort.”

Speaking of the 60-year history, Dassault Aviation’s Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier said: “Through these different models, we have built up a strong legacy and a solid base of technological know-how that makes us confident in our ability to continue developing new products that fully meet customer expectations.”

Dassault’s latest design, the Falcon 10X, was introduced in 2021 and is slated to enter service toward the end of 2025. The Falcon 6X is expected to begin operating in mid-2023.

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