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Dassault to Display Falcon 6X at EBACE as Certification Imminent

Dassault to Display Falcon 6X at EBACE as Certification Imminent

Dassault will display a Falcon 6X at the upcoming European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, saying that certification of the new twin-engine business jet is just “weeks away.”

According to the French manufacturer, the Falcon 6X recently wrapped up its flight test campaign, accumulating 1,480 flight hours during 580 flights.

Part of the flight testing campaign included cold weather trails, where the aircraft was flown to Iqaluit, Canada, to undertake tests in temperatures as low as -37°C (-35° F). The test aircraft also undertook flooded runway trails in Cranfield, UK.

With certification now within reach, Dassault can begin its preparations for bringing its first aircraft into service. Although no customers have been announced, the OEM said earlier in the year that at least one Falcon 6X will be delivered to a customer in the Middle East during the summer.

Dassault will also display an updated Falcon 2000LXS at the show. Almost 700 Falcon 2000 family aircraft have been delivered since the original Falcon 2000 was delivered in 1995.

The latest upgrade sees the Falcon 2000LXS add the FalconEye Combined Vision System, which as well as helping pilots with situational awareness, also allows the Falcon 2000LXS to perform low visibility approaches.

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