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Lilium Partners with FSI for Pilot Training

Lilium Partners with FSI for Pilot Training

Lilium, the German eVTOL manufacturer, has partnered with FlightSafety International (FSI) to develop flight simulation technology that will be used to train pilots. 

The flight training devices being developed include mixed-reality simulators and a flight simulator that resembles the cockpit of the Lilium Jet. 

The simulator, which will be known as the e-Sim, will be integrated into Lilium’s ground-based aircraft systems integration laboratory (SiLab). Lilium will also utilize the technology for testing and certification purposes. 

In addition, pilots will be able to train and get a better understanding of the electric aircraft before conducting any test flights. FSI will also introduce training programs, including online modules, that will be used to ensure future Lilium pilots adhere to the qualification benchmarks in place. 

Sebastien Borel, Chief Commercial Officer, Lilium said the partnership will play a pivotal role in assisting the company on the road to certification. 

“This partnership represents another critical milestone that will support the Lilium Jet’s progress through certification and commercial launch,” he said. “Thanks to FSI’s vast experience and expertise in the field of aircraft simulators, we look forward to enabling all Lilium pilots to get familiar with our aircraft before commercial launch.”

FSI operates the largest fleet of advanced full-flight simulators at Learning Centers and training premises in multiple countries, including the U.S. and UK. The company has created simulators for companies such as Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer. 

With Lilium having been added to that list, Nate Speiser, EVP Sales and Marketing, FSI said the technology being provided to the Weßling-based firm will ensure its pilots are fully qualified to fly the Lilium Jet. 

The partnership with FSI comes just over a week after Lilium unveiled plans to raise USD$250 million. The eVTOL manufacturer has already procured USD$100 million from Aceville and could secure a further USD$75 million from the Tencent Holdings affiliate should it raise an additional USD$75 million of equity, debt, or grants from certain third parties.

The Lilium Jet also began undergoing wind tunnel testing last week at the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) facility in Marknesse, Netherlands, which is the largest wind tunnel site in Europe. 

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