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Lilium eVTOL Air Taxi Clocks at 250 kph during Flight Testing

Lilium eVTOL Air Taxi Clocks at 250 kph during Flight Testing

Lilium Air Mobility said its Phoenix 2 eVTOL aircraft reached its maximum cruise speed of 250 KPH (155 mph) during flight testing in southern Spain.

The German air taxi manufacturer said the successful test flight marked a step in the right direction in its bid to obtain certification for its electric aircraft in 2025.

The company posted a short teaser video on Twitter that showcased the Phoenix 2 in flight, saying that the aircraft is faster than the famous Harris Hawk, one of the world’s fastest birds by airspeed.

In a previous post on the social media platform, the firm said: “Yesterday when Phoenix 2 took to the skies, we’re thrilled to share we passed an important milestone – speed! Proud to have hit our maximum speed for the aircraft: 136Kts (250km/h, 155 mph). Sneak peek at our bird in the air below, stay tuned for footage to come!”

Lilium’s goal is to use its eVTOL fleet to replace short trips people would take on a car or by helicopter.

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