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Skyfly to Release Axe eVTOL in April

Skyfly to Release Axe eVTOL in April

Skyfly will showcase its Axe eVTOL to the public for the first time at the Farnborough International Sustainable Skies World Summit, which will be held from April 17-18.

The aircraft has been available for pre-order since last summer despite never having been publicly unveiled by the UK eVTOL manufacturer.

Affixed with four rotors and eight 70kW motors, the Axe eVTOL can hold up to two people and cover distances up to 200 miles (321 km) at a speed of 100 mph (160 kph).

The British firm said its aviation solution is an emissions-free alternative to cars, helicopters and light aircraft, while also offering shorter journey times in comfort and safety than existing travel options.

“After years of developing, building, flying and testing the Axe EVTOL prototype, the Axe two-seat private EVTOL is now in series production with manned test flights in a few months,” said Jaap Rademaker, CCO, Skyfly, adding that manned test flights are scheduled to be held in a few months.

“We are delighted to now go public at the world-class forum of Farnborough International, where we will be the only manufacturer of sustainable private vertical take-off and landing aircraft.”

Adam Landau, Press & Communications, Skyfly added that the company is committed to helping make the aviation sector more sustainable going forward.

“We are thrilled that Farnborough International has recognized Skyfly’s role in shaping a more sustainable, environmentally-responsible future for the aviation industry. We cannot wait to show off the Axe EVTOL to the public for the first time,” Landau said.

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