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EVfly Buys Skyfly’s Axe eVTOL Aircraft

EVfly Buys Skyfly’s Axe eVTOL Aircraft

EVfly has signed a letter of intent and will pay deposits for Skyfly’s Axe electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft which it will use as an eVTOL trainer.

Singapore-based EVfly has placed orders for three Axe eVTOLs, and taken out options on a further five aircraft. Deliveries are expected to commence in 2024.

According to EVfly, it will begin operations first in Thailand, which it says will lay the groundwork for the company’s future commercial operations and eVTOL pilot training.

“We are really excited to expand our footprint to cover the Asian markets and delighted that Evfly has identified the Axe as the go-to training aircraft to satisfy the demand for the incoming demand for eVTOL pilots across Asia,” said Michael Thompson, CEO, Skyfly.

Although the Axe eVTOL is mainly intended for use as a private aircraft and has not been designed as a commercial air taxi, it can fly either like a helicopter or a conventional fixed-wing aircraft.

“We expect to see more orders from other organizations looking for the ideal eVTOL trainer. EVfly identified that eVTOLS s will remain piloted for a number of years and there is not yet a suitable training aircraft on the market,” Thompson said.

Yannick Erbs, CEO of EVfly, said the company seeks to become the first operator of eVTOLs in Thailand and the first eVTOL pilot training hub in Southeast Asia.