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Metrojet Completes First Gulfstream G650 2C Inspection

Metrojet Completes First Gulfstream G650 2C Inspection

Hong Kong-based Metrojet Limited has completed the first 2C inspection on a Gulfstream G650 aircraft in its Gulfstream Authorized Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) station.

The aircraft is operated and managed by a third party. The service center can maintain the Gulfstream series up to an 8C inspection.

“Bolstered by our strong reputation in aviation safety and delivering a quality level of service to agreed schedules, we are seeing more new customers place their trust, confidence and aircraft with us. In some truly interesting and dynamic times, our team has been able to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations,” said Mr. Dave Yip, Metrojet’s Managing Director, MRO.

Metrojet provides aircraft management, charter, maintenance, and aviation consultancy services in the Asia Pacific region.


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