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Jetson Unveils Stéphan D’haene as New CEO

Jetson Unveils Stéphan D’haene as New CEO

Stéphan D’haene has been appointed CEO of Jetson and outlined his plans to take the Swedish eVTOL firm to new heights.

D’haene joins the Stockholm-based firm from ICON Aircraft, where he helped foster growth and enhance engineering and manufacturing operations in his position as the chief operating officer. Prior to this, he also worked at BlackWing in Sweden and Porto Aviation Group in Italy.

Speaking about joining Jetson, D’haene recalled seeing the company’s Jetson ONE eVTOL 18 months ago and is excited about the opportunity to use it as a launching pad to introduce more innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions that will “push the boundaries of what is possible in the eVTOL industry.”

“Seeing the Jetson for the first time, about a year and half ago, I was extremely excited about their flying concept vehicle. Finally, a team of visionary people led by Tomasz Patan and Peter Ternström had cracked the code and made flying more accessible than ever. Today I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this innovative eVTOL company as the new CEO,” he said.

Peter Ternstrom, Founder and President of Jetson, welcomed D’haene aboard and is confident that he will leverage his vast experience in the aviation industry to develop groundbreaking eVTOL technologies that change the way people travel.

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