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Sweden’s Jetson eVTOL Ultralight Nears $10 Million Funding Close

Sweden’s Jetson eVTOL Ultralight Nears $10 Million Funding Close

Peter Ternstrom, co-founder and president of Sweden’s Jetson, recently said in a media interview that the company has so far secured USD$8 million of a $10 million seed round, all of which is expected to be secured before the end of September 2022.

Jetson was founded by Peter Ternstrom and Tomasz Patan in Poland in 2017. Its Jetson One single-seat eVTOL, which flew for the first time in 2018, adopts a multi-rotor configuration and has a current price tag of $92,000. the company plans to begin deliveries in early 2023.

The maximum flight speed is limited by software to 102 km/h, and the range is about 20 minutes. The Jetson flying car is designed and produced as an easy-to-use ultralight vehicle that will not require a pilot’s certificate.

Previously Jetson said it had received more than 400 orders, mainly from the United States, but due to production capacity, orders for 2022 and 2023 have been fully booked and no new order will be accepted.

Tomasz Patan shared the experience of commuting to work with his own eVTOL vehicle on social media in June this year. The eVTOL vehicle also offers limited autonomous control capabilities. When the user releases the joystick and power, the eVTOL will remain to hover at a fixed spot. In addition, the Jetson One will try to find a place to land if it runs out of power.