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Asian Sky Group Releases Latest AAM Report

Asian Sky Group Releases Latest AAM Report

Asian Sky Group has released a new version of its advanced air mobility report.

The report, covering data up to and including June 30th, 2022, includes 19 eVTOL OEMS that are either headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region, or were originally or were founded in the region, and have have announced plans to develop aircraft for crewed/ uncrewed passenger transport.

The companies are viewed by market and also by the industry category from which they emerged. Each OEM overview includes: Technical specifications of each model, Key development milestones, Certification status, Funding, Known orders and Global partnerships.

The report also takes a deep dive into the state of the industry in China. With an estimated minimum of USD$720 million already invested and strong support from the Civil Aviation Authority of China, AAM is on a sold trajectory for commercialization within the next five years, if not sooner.

The report also features interviews with some of the major Chinese OEMs as well as Volocopter and Ampaire.

There is also an interview with SMG Consulting, the creator of the AAM Reality Index, in which the company sheds some light on the likelihood of certain OEMs, including Asian ones, bringing their aircraft to market.

You can download the report by clicking the following link.