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EHang to Hold EH216-S Demonstration in Israel

EHang to Hold EH216-S Demonstration in Israel

EHang, the Chinese electric aircraft developer, will be involved in flight demonstrations of its EH216-S eVTOL in Israel. 

The demonstration managed by Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will be the first of its kind held in the Middle Eastern country. It is expected to take place in June once the required aviation permits are provided. 

Israeli aviation company Cando Drones will conduct the flight tests with its subsidiary Dronery Fly. An EHang team will travel to Israel to provide support. 

The CAA said the demonstration is part of its initiative to advocate for the implementation of drone-related technologies, and two EH216-S air taxis have already arrived in the nation.

The electric aircraft can hold two passengers and travel at heights of 500 meters and speeds of up to 130 kph.

The test flights in Israel come right after the Guangzhou-based firm signed an agreement with United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Monarch Airplane Manufacturing to construct the first electric aircraft manufacturing facility in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

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