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Enstrom Helicopter Names New President

Enstrom Helicopter Names New President

Michigan-based Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has named Todd Tetzlaff as its new President. Current President Matt Francour will retire in late April this year.

Tetzlaff started his career at Enstrom and participated in designing the company’s existing T-T strap installation. Later he worked at Boeing, Raytheon Aircraft and Gulfstream, where he developed his leadership skills.

Francour said Tetzlaff is the “perfect choice” to lead Enstrom because of his extensive aviation experience and his love for the company. Tetzlaff said he was struck by new owner Chuck Surack’s passion for helicopters and the Enstrom brand, and he wanted to be a part of it. “It is great to be back with my Enstrom family,” he said, adding that he will lead research into longer-term upgrades.

Surack acquired Enstrom months after the company declared bankruptcy and closed down in January 2022 due to the pandemic and a shrinking market. The company received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) production certificate in December 2022 and test-flew its first new production 480B in February 2023.

“Enstrom has a rich history going back more than 60 years,” Tetzlaff said. “There’s something to be said about that in this industry. Many great aircraft companies have come and gone in that time. We are still here, and we plan to be for a very long time.”

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