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Enstrom Sells 12 Helicopters in Atlanta

Enstrom Sells 12 Helicopters in Atlanta

Enstrom Helicopter sold a total of 12 helicopters during the HAI Heli-Expo held in the US city of Atlanta, just 10 months after the American helicopter manufacturer was acquired by American Entrepreneur Surack.

Dennis Martin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said he was “thrilled with the results.”

Enstrom’s 480B and 280FX helicopters are equipped with a new glass panel system, a new interior design as well as a paint scheme by artist Dean Loucks.

”I’ve met with many people this week who have come to our booth expressing interest in our aircraft and even more who have said how happy they are to see that Enstrom’s back and how excited they are that we’re manufacturing helicopters again,” said Surack, owner of Enstrom Helicopter.

Surack acquired Enstrom months after the company declared bankruptcy and closed down in January 2022 due to the pandemic and a shrinking market. The company received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) production certificate in December 2022 and test-flew its first new production 480B in February 2023.

Current President Matt Francour will retire in late April this year and Todd Tetzlaff will become the new President.

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