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China Expands Low-Level Airspace Trials to Anhui

China Expands Low-Level Airspace Trials to Anhui

China has announced that it will run more low-level airspace tests to see if it can be opened up for civilian use.

China’s Air Force retains a tight grip on the country’s airspace, making it difficult to operate flights at lower altitudes. The opening of low-level airspace is seen as key to the country’s domestic general aviation growth.

Testing will take place around the Anhui province, where 11 airspace sectors and ten air routes will become available for low-level flights. The low-level airspace tests include specific sectors set aside for drone testing and emergency rescue routes.

Anhui Province will be the third Province that has run low-level airspace tests after similar projects took place in Hunan and Jiangxi.

The tests will run until January 31, 2023.

The tests form part trails that will be expanded in 2023 to include the entire northeast and south-central regions, as well as Tangshan and other six urban sub-regions.