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Chinese Startup Vertaxi Finishes Air Taxi Assembly

Chinese Startup Vertaxi Finishes Air Taxi Assembly

China’s air taxi startup Vertaxi (or Vertax) finished the final assembly of the first Matrix 1 electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in Shanghai. This achievement has laid a solid foundation for ground testing and the first flight of the aircraft.

The five-seat eVTOL aircraft developed by Vertaxi was assembled at an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) base in Shanghai’s Jinshan District, where the fuselage, wings, empennage and other body parts were put together.

“This is a milestone for Vertaxi,” said Xie Ling, CEO, Vertaxi. “Since we released the M1 for the first time in September last year, we have made every effort to push for the release of the first aircraft in the past six months.” We are very pleased that we have completed this phased goal as scheduled.”

Vertaxi has raised 150 million yuan (USD$21.6 million) to support the development of its Matrix 1 air taxi as of February 2023. The latest funding round was led by an early-stage venture capital firm called Skyview Fund.

The aircraft has a room of about 3.5 cubic meters and is capable of carrying 32 postal parcels. The company, aiming for cargo transport in the countryside first, will explore the potential of Matrix 1 for urban air mobility (UAM) in the city.

Vertaxi has a research and development center and an assembly and pilot plant in Shanghai, with an internally incubated company, Fcourier Aviation, for assembly and production in Zhongshan – a city in Guangdong Province in southern China.

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