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BETA Installs Electric Aircraft Charging Station at Augusta Regional Airport

BETA Installs Electric Aircraft Charging Station at Augusta Regional Airport

BETA Technologies has installed an electric aircraft charging station at Augusta Regional Airport, making it the first infrastructure of its kind in the U.S. state of Georgia.

The charging station, which was built in partnership with the airport and Georgia Power, will be compatible with multiple types of electric aircraft and is located within the confines of the airfield fence.

Three dual-port chargers for electric ground vehicles were also unveiled and will be situated in the short-term and general aviation parking lots.

“We’ve seen nearly every mode of transportation go electric over the past decade, and aviation is next,” said Nate Ward of BETA Technologies. “In order to support this shift to electrification, we need to make sure charging infrastructure is as reliable and accessible as possible. We are thrilled to have forward-looking partners like the Augusta Regional Airport and Georgia Power invest in this infrastructure that will support operations today and for generations to come.”

Herbert Judon Jr, the Augusta Regional Airport Executive Director, said the newly installed infrastructure showcases the airport’s commitment to embracing more environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional aircraft.

“What this does for us from an airport perspective, is it continues to provide more options for our customers and continues to show our commitment to also help with new technologies and greener efforts,” he said.

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