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Beta Technologies Plans More Charging Stations in US for eVTOLs

Beta Technologies Plans More Charging Stations in US for eVTOLs

Electric Aerospace company Beta Technologies plans to install as many as 15 charging stations for its eVTOLs across the Eastern US by the end of the year. The company, which already has a network of nine charging stations for electric airplanes at seven strategically selected regional airports in Vermont, New York, Ohio, and Arkansas, also intends to establish 50 more charging stations in the future.

The 15 planned charging stations will broaden their network down to the East Coast and make it possible for aircraft to fly through the Gulf Coast to the Midwest and to locations east of the Mississippi River.

Beta Technologies’ 350-kilowatt chargers, which provide double the amount of power than the most powerful Tesla electric vehicle charger, allow passengers to fully charge the company’s eVTOLs, dubbed Alia, in roughly 50 minutes, giving them a range of around 250 miles per charge.

The company will also allow competitors to charge their eVTOLs via their chargers and plans to focus more on transporting goods than passengers. For example, it has contracts for planes from United Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that intends to use the Alia to deliver transplantable organs directly to hospitals.

“A charging network that supports the transition to electric across all forms of transportation is good for us, while also being good for other electric vehicle companies,” Kyle Clark, Chief Executive and Founder of Beta Technologies, said in a statement. “Ultimately, we see this approach as a faster way to move the needle and promote adoption of this new technology that will make a huge difference for our planet.”