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Bristow Signs Order for BETA’s ALIA-250 eVTOL

Bristow Signs Order for BETA’s ALIA-250 eVTOL

Bristow, the world’s leading global provider of innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions, has ordered five electrically powered vertical take-off and landing ALIA-250 (“ALIA”) aircraft manufactured by BETA Technologies. The company will also have the option to purchase an additional 50 ALIA aircraft.

The ALIA will have a maximum range of 250 nautical miles and is designed to carry 1,400 lbs of payload or six people including the pilot. With a 50-foot wingspan and a carbon-fiber fuselage, the aircraft uses a single distributed direct-electric propulsion system and has four horizontally mounted rotors that provide vertical lift and a single propeller in the rear to propel the aircraft forward.

“This order firmly positions Bristow as an early adopter and leader in pragmatically developing AAM operations and ushering in a new era in vertical lift solutions,” said Dave Stepanek, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, Bristow.

Bristow aims to leverage its 70+ years of aviation expertise and bring a pragmatic approach to developing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations for moving passengers and time-sensitive cargo using regional transportation hubs.