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Bristow CTO David Stepanek Backs Investment in eVTOLs

Bristow CTO David Stepanek Backs Investment in eVTOLs

Bristow’s chief transformation officer (CTO) David Stepanek has backed the company’s investment in eVTOLs and doesn’t see it hurting its existing helicopter business model.

Instead, Stepanek believes the company’s rotorcraft and eVTOL fleet can coincide side by side and serve as a stepping stone into new territory, especially in relation to the passenger services they provide.

He said Bristow’s commitment to eVTOLs unlocks “a parallel path to open things up for passengers.”

Last year, the Houston-based provider of helicopter transportation confirmed that it sought to add up to 55 of BETA Technologies’ ALIA-250 eVTOLs to its fleet. Last month, Beta and Blade Air Mobility completed a test flight of the ALIA-250 at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York.

With a successful test flight having been conducted, BETA Technologies’ chief revenue officer Patrick Buckles stressed that the company’s main focus is on ensuring the aircraft meets all the necessary safety standards.

“Our biggest focus is on how we bring this (AAM) to market safely, and we’re sharing data with the regulator to drive the path to safe and reliable operations,” he said.

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