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Metrojet Announces New Appointments

Metrojet Announces New Appointments

Hong Kong-based Metrojet has appointed new leaders for its aircraft management and charter department.

Justin Yeung was appointed as the Director of Aircraft Management and Charter and Captain Stewart Borg the new Director of Flight Operations.

Both Borg and Yeung assumed their new positions on October 1.

Yeung is responsible for the aircraft management and charter line of business while Borg oversees the flight operations including flight crew management, Integrated Operations Centre, flight training and flight operation support.

“Our Client Relations and CAMO teams have consistently delivered great value to our clients even through this extremely challenging period for the industry. In my new role, I hope to support them to further develop our core business of providing class-leading aircraft management services to our clients,” said Yeung, Director of Aircraft Management and Charter, Metrojet.

Borg, who has been with Metrojet for over 17 years, said “I believe my extensive experience in operating large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft for over 22 years will add value to the Metrojet fleet and bring practical insights to the aircraft operations and management services.”