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Korean AAM startup MintAir Agrees to Buy 50 eSTOL from Electra

Korean AAM startup MintAir Agrees to Buy 50 eSTOL from Electra

South Korea’s air mobility startup MintAir has signed a letter of intent (loI) to buy 50 nine-passenger eSTOL aircraft from Electra.

The company said it will expand its operation from the suburbs of Seoul to the whole country including Jeju and Ulleungdo islands.

The delivery of aircraft will start in 2026 or 2027 depending on the type certification process. The letter of intent will turn into a purchase agreement once certification has been gained.

“Our mission is to develop the safest advanced air mobility service on both urban and regional routes, contributing to decarbonization of the aviation industry,” said MintAir CEO and co-founder Eugene Choi. “We selected Electra’s eSTOL because of its superior safety, the energy-saving lift efficiency of its blown-lift technology, lower operating costs, and the clear path to certification as a fixed-wing aircraft.”

Electra recently completed testing of its 150 kW hybrid-electric propulsion system. The company has already partnered with helicopter group Bristow, and charter flight booking platforms Yugo in Singapore, Flapper in Brazil, and Flyv in Germany.

MintAir was founded in 2014 as a developer of superheat conductors before focusing on electric aircraft. It previously signed a letter of intent to purchase up to 40 four-passenger Journey eVTOL aircraft from US manufacturer Jaunt Air Mobility to bring air mobility services to South Korea.